Christian Religion invalidates the word of God through man’s tradition.

True Christianity is based solely on the word of God.

Christian Religion promotes self-righteousness.

True Christianity promotes the righteousness of Christ.

Christian Religion is focused on good deeds.

True Christianity focuses on faith in Jesus Christ.

Christian Religion accepts all religions as equal.

True Christianity proclaims Jesus Christ as the only Saviour, and invites all people to come to Jesus.

Christian Religion kills it’s enemies.

True Christianity loves it’s enemies.

Christian Religion is often expressed in legal formalities.

True Christianity is exhibited by faith.

Christian Religion seeks to change things through politics.

True Christianity seeks to change man’s heart through preaching the Gospel.

Christian Religion often turns people away from Jesus.

True Christianity draws people to Jesus.

Christian Religion can be harsh and unmerciful.

True Christianity is expressed in love, hope, joy, peace, kindness, comfort and mercy.

Christian Religion follows man.

True Christianity follows Jesus!

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