We arrived at the nursing home about an hour before the service was due to begin. My husband began setting up the equipment and I signed in. Then, as usual, I went to Betty’s room to let her know that we had arrived. I always did that so she would have ample time to get ready for the service. But when I went to her room this morning another resident was there. I knew this could mean one of two things. Either Betty had a room change, or she had gone to be with the Lord. I knew a room change was possible but not likely, especially since she really liked her room and her roommate a lot. I asked one of the nurses and found out that Betty was dead. But those words don’t really sound appropriate for one of God’s children do they?  Scripture tell us in Luke 20:38 … For he is not a God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him. What joy she must be experiencing!

I’ve know Betty for a number of years but a few months ago we said our “last goodby” just in case.  I wrote about it here… NO FEAR OF DEATH


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