Yesterday at the nursing home, after greeting my father, I pulled his wheelchair away from the table where he was sitting to bring him to the lounge. I immediately noticed that he didn’t have his shoes on, and that his feet were swollen and bandaged. You could see blood through the gauge bandages. It was quite upsetting. A medical condition that he has had for several years was causing this problem with his feet. My father’s nursing home is close enough so that I can visit regularly, but not close enough to monitor his care from day to day. I’m praying, that if it be the Lord’s will, we can move him closer to us so that we can better minister to him physically and spiritually. There have been hindrances to this move in the past, and I am praying that the Lord would give a release.

The trials of growing old.

The trials of watching my father grow old.

When we settled in the lounge, my husband started playing some hymns on his guitar. There was a little girl in the room who was sitting in the lounge while her family was visiting with a relative. She enjoyed the songs, and the guitar, and asked to hear more. She liked our Son Shine large print hymn book so I gave her the extra book I had with me. The songbook contains not only hymns, but bible verses in large print. We started to talk about Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. She asked questions, and told me to wait until she went to get her cousin, also ten years old. When she came back with her cousin, she arranged the chairs so that we could all face each other. They both listened attentively as I shared the gospel with them.  My husband then gave them tiny booklet bible tracts that he had with him. I told their relatives that they had children who were eager to learn. I know that certain childhood experiences can stand out in our minds for the rest of our lives. My hope is that the children will remember what happened yesterday at the nursing home, and all that they learned about Jesus and the bible.

After the children left, we took my father and went to visit a resident who is confined to his room. He and his wife are Christians, and it is really a sight to behold his joy, enthusiasm, and love for the Lord shine through this difficult time in his life. We sang, and prayed, and the nurse outside his room joined in. As I stood there I thought to myself “this is where it’s at.” This is what Christianity is all about. Sharing the love of God with those around us, and bringing his comfort to the afflicted. What more could we ask for?

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