2 thoughts on “DON’T QUIT

  1. Hi oxy, I won’t edit a word . . . I hear your heart. I’m glad you were encouraged by this post. I found it on a day that I needed encouragement. I know sometimes, often times, I feel that my labor is in vain. But then the Lord ministers to me and I realize that it is not in vain, for we never know what the fruit of our labor will be, perhaps even years down the road, or even after we’re gone to be with the Lord.

    Interesting what you said about giving . . .

    “I stopped giving to my church and began giving to those who I believe are a part of the church, or will be.”

    We have done the same thing. It’s a wonderful joy to be led by the Holy Spirit in giving. I often used to feel that giving in church had become legalistic. (Seems we were giving under the letter of the law, and not the Spirit of the law, if you know what I mean.) People give without even a consideration to what’s being taught in church. That seemed somewhat robotic, and didn’t make a whole lot of sense. It is liberating to give where there is true need and truth, to other believers, or as you say even to unbelievers. I’ve heard others say that they also no longer give to the institutional “church” but they give to the poor etc. as the Lord leads. The devil will try to condemn and say noooo…… you must give to the institutional “church.” Don’t believe it. Enjoy your liberty in Christ and know that you are being led by His Spirit. We gave faithfully to our church for years and then realized church workers were living in $3,000 + a month apartments (that’s not a misprint), and false doctrines would not be addressed. Oh well, some of us learn the hard way. 🙂

    Love and blessings,

    P.S. We used to live in a big city. We have stories about situations where people asked for money but they were not on the level. These situations were difficult to discern. The devil will make you feel guilty, but the Lord gives discernment.


  2. Enjoyed reading this today. Today as I sat here pondering on a shifty young man looking for a literal handout I was reminded of the Cross. I tend to not ask questions when I see one in desparate need or with pleading eyes, but this one… he was really shifty and I withdrew myself.

    Something I have been saying lately: Lord, is what I do vain?

    It doesn’t seem vain to refrain from the things I use to do, yet it many times seems vain to do those things I believe in my heart is of the Lord’s asking. At times I find myself saying: if that was just me Lord thinking and not of You, then it doesn’t matter, I am not expecting a reward or thank you for it, I really do just enjoy doing those things. And at times it isn’t fun doing them, because people take the joy out of it. But overall I actually enjoy giving. I stopped giving to my church and began giving to those who I believe are a part of the church, or will be. That one person might be serving the devil now, but I have this twinge inside of me believing God for what He alone is able to do.

    Glad to have stopped by and read this. I knew my heart was losing interest when a strong leader in the church I attend stood up and announced: “there are no praying warriors in this church”… only stating she is the true praying warrior. If she had not been so blind by pride, she would have seen the truth. Then the pastor of the church left, saying: “God was sending him into a new land, like Abraham”. We bid him well, and three months later “God was sending him back to us”… now he is busier, yet with less to do, and more time to sport.

    You can edit this if you want to. I just felt like I needed to talk it out. Thanks for the ear.


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