Is the Lord leading you, as a born again Christian, to withdraw from the Christmas celebrations. If He is, I hope this little poem will be an encouragement to you, because you will be in the minority. If you haven’t thought much about it, perhaps this will be food for thought.  Also, in this day of ecumenism, Christmas has become a great catalyst for unbiblical unity among professing Christians and even those of other faiths. Interesting.

1 John 3:18 My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.


Pagan customs, and pagan roots,

Add in God’s Word, mix in some truth.

What is the harm, a little fun?

A good time had by everyone.


The risen King, in a manger,

Have we Christians seen the danger?

Little statues, God still infant,

Though He reigns this very instant.


All the lost, they see a baby,

Not their Judge, He will one day be.

Catholic doctrine, holy family,

Obscure Jesus, highlight Mary.


This picture speaks a thousand words,

But certainly no Gospel heard,

Repent, believe, the mercy call,

Blood atonement needed by all.


Christmas, Christ’s Mass, it is a shame,

Many have come in Jesus’ Name,

Deceiving hearts around the world,

Of multitudes, numbers untold.


It’s Christmas and it’s time to spend,

The stores make most their money then.

Is this the Jesus that we know,

Are these the things the Bible show?


The manger scenes and Christmas trees,

Is Jesus honored by all these?

What does the Bible have to say,

About our Christmas and displays?


Doing what’s right in our own eyes,

Or heed God’s word, to make us wise?

The world loves Christmas, that’s a clue,

Hope this comforts more than a few.

by Cathy White – 2008


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6 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD – A Poem

  1. Amen . . . well said.

    It’s sad that believers who think this way are so in the minority, but I am encouraged to know that by writing about Christmas I have been able to encourage others concerning this issue.




  2. Greetings. I really like the Poem. What an encouragement and it was a comfort indeed! I’m looking forward to reading your articles. Thanks for taking a stand, Sister. I was just talking today about how you’ll be in stores and you hear all the Christmas hymns over the Rock Radio. The world LOVES Christmas and even the hymns. John 4 outlines the kind of worshippers the Father seeks to worship Him, those that worship Him in SPIRIT AND TRUTH, not with festive poetic license, not in flesh and in fiction, not in soul and sincerity. Why would the Holy Ghost lead folks to sing SEASONAL songs? Why would a psalm, hymn, or spiritual songs be OUT OF SEASON? Songleaders wouldn’t take sing It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (written by a Unitarian drunk by the way from a degenerate, unregenerate heart) in July. This is a strange custom. And if you don’t sing Christ’s Mass hymns this time of year, people raise an eyebrow. The world does not like At Calvary or There’s Power in the Blood, but they can sure sing some Christ’s Mass hymns! This is because babies are so non-judgmental. They really are. My little 5 month old girl is such a bundle of smiley joy. I can wake up in the morning and look really sad (bed head, etc.) and she’ll smile and love me all the same. People can CONTROL little Baby Jesus in their minds. So, they want to COME TO BETHLEHEM and behold a little, harmless baby. I like the bumper sticker I saw once, “Jesus Christ is Coming Soon, AND BOY IS HE MAD!” He’s coming back with flaming fire to execute vengeance on those that obey not THE GOSPEL. Another point is that the 2 ordinances of the church (baptism and communion) both point to His death and not to His birth. It’s the New Testament in His death, right? NO!!! It’s the New Testament in His BLOOD. Praise God for proper emphasis, Sister.


  3. I am glad Stephanie that you were encouraged by the articles on Christmas. Believers need encouragement if they have withdrawn from the Christmas celebrations, I know we do, my husband and I, and your comment has done just that.

    We don’t see ourselves as being stumbling blocks for not celebrating Christmas. We see ourselves as standing for biblical truth. I know that we are probably often misunderstood, and other believers may think that we are being “legal” but that is not the case at all. While we are all responsible for ourselves before the Lord, I do believe many pastors will bear the responsiblity for leading a multitude of sheep astray on this topic, and many other false doctrines as well. We have found that as time goes on it becomes a bit easier to be in the minorty. Again, I say be encouraged, you are on the right track. [We are to be salt and light, let our light shine, not keep truth to ourselves. We need widsom, yes, but shine we must 🙂 .]

    I don’t send out Christmas cards and because of that I do not get many, but I do get some. In the past, at the end of the year, once in a while I have sent one or two “thinking of you” type of cards to the few that have been persistent, just as an expression of love, knowing they don’t understand. I have found that believers are not open to hearing anything negative about Christmas so I don’t talk about it anymore, but obviously I do write about it.



  4. Hi,

    I have been encouraged by many of your articles here, especially seperating from Christmas, as my husband and I have been for the past few years…and no it is not easy, and it is usually other Christians that try to make you feel bad etc.

    On another note, how do you handle people sending Christmas cards, when you have already explained you choose not to celebrate? and I have been told by other Christians that you should keep it to yourself that you do not celebrate or you are a stumbling block???? that leaves me in a situation…when someone says “Why don’t you celebrate or decorate etc? they say I am a stumbling block and use a scripture about keeping it between you and God. Thanks again.

    Love in Christ,


  5. “All of this was and is sweet and bitter for me. Sweet that God would open my eyes . . . bitter because family and friends (Christian) have a problem with all this. Christ said count the cost, you will be a reproach to the world.”

    “We are told not to touch the unclean thing. We can spiritualize it with vain imaginations. We can justify it and rationalize it, much as what is done in the churches at Halloween. The only problem is it is not of God. Where is our light, our salt?”

    We have learned, my husband and I, that the Holy Spirit must the the One to convict and convince. As my understanding increases, so does my peace. We have come to the conclusion that the pastors have led many a sheep astray regarding not only Christmas, but many other doctrines. If the churches did not celebrate Christmas, and the pastors taught as they should, it would not be an issue among Christians. Haloween etc. . . . all part of the same package.



  6. I am thanking God that my wife and I are not alone in this wilderness-glorious God, as witnessed by your testimony. As each day grows darker, our gracious merciful God is showing us discerning truths that our forefathers, though they might have been strong in the faith, did not see. As regarding this post, I am referring to a tradition of religious man called Christmas. What follows is that which my only true teacher, the Holy Spirit, showed me last year.

    First, consider words. They are important to God and hence should be important to His children. I will no longer say and can bearly type “Merry Christmas”. Christmas is Christ mass. Christ’ death. Am I merry about piercing the One who gave His life for my sin? Is this not the mind set of those who cried crucify Him? Last December, at 3AM the Holy Spirit woke me up with this verse. Rev. 11.10 (KJV). This is the description of the beast killing the two witnesses of God who are, as firstfruits, walking and speaking in full Kingdom authority. They have fully submitted to Christ and bear His image. At their death, “And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwell on the earth. Do we not yet, if ever, weep and mourn at what God, the Father and Son, had to endure to restore rebellious man?

    Secondly, regarding names. Santa Claus. Transpose the letters – satan claus. Coincidence? Here we lie to our impressionable, susceptible children. We tell them of this being who knows everything, is eternal, is everywhere at once, and who comes from the north. We have them submit a wish list-prayer! to the anti-Christ. And after lying about him, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny, we expect them to believe in The Living God and His Son.

    Thirdly is the spirit of Christmas. Despite what the adult Christian wants to make of this season, for the child it is about what am I getting. This is promoting our fallen selfish nature in opposition to God’ selfless love. This is anti-christ spirit. And truth be told the adults our also anticipating what they might receive. We sing joy to the world as we dash to the chaotic malls, get drunk at parties, and end up feeling depressed, unfulfilled. Could it be that the joy, peace, contentment, that only Jesus can bring is absent? And in all this chaos, how much time are our thoughts on Him anyway?

    Forthly, where in our only source of truth, the bible, are we told to celebrate Jesus’ birth. As the only selfless man, He would not have the focus on His birth but on His Father and His Will. As most know, I presume, this is a pagan holiday (holy day), to the sun, at the winter solstice.

    Fifth is the tree. Jer. 10.2-4 says “…learn not the way of the heathen and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven (as in four above). For the customs of the people are vain; for one cutteth a tree out of the forest…They deck it with silver (glitter) and with gold; they fasten it with nails..” We then bow down to offer our gifts under the tree, adorning it with lights. Is this not unlike what ancient Israel did in high places?

    All of this was and is sweet and bitter for me. Sweet that God would open my eyes to gross idolatry that is pointing to a false god. Bitter because family and friends (Christian) have a problem with all this. Christ said count the cost, you will be a reproach to the world.

    When I was young my father lamented that the secular world, in saying merry xmas, was taking Christ out. That’s because Christ isn’t in Christmas. I now know that this is how God uses the beast to purify His children. We will not remove the idols so God will. This is grace. This is love.

    We are told not to touch the unclean thing. We can spiritualize it with vain imaginations. We can justify it and rationalize it, much as what is done in the churches at Halloween. The only problem is it is not of God. Where is our light, our salt? Why does Zion mean a parched place? Is it not because we, like ancient Israel, continue to feed the harlot, our first Adamic nature, within us, grieving the Holy Spirit and tempting the Lord our God? At what point are we committing the unpardonable sin?

    The tribulation is for us as a gracious, loving God will try us, feed us, will plead with us face to face (Ezk 20) to cleanse us to be holy as He is,to be restored to His image. My hope for us all is that we finally totally surrender to His love.


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