Here are several examples of God communicating with His children …

– Years ago the Lord revealed to me that my mother would survive her very serious illness.  She had uterine cancer. Her colon ruptured as a result of chemotherapy and the doctor told us she probably would not survive the surgery.  I asked the Lord to bring healing and extend my mother’s life because she wasn’t saved.  I won’t to into the details but the Lord told me she would live, and she did live, almost 15 more years, and it was during those years that she became a believer!

– Several years ago we were part of a prayer ministry.  People would phone in prayer requests and give testimonies of answered prayer.  A woman called to tell us that she always prayed in her car before driving to work, but the previous night the Holy Spirit had impressed upon her to pray specifically that the Lord would take control of the steering wheel of her car. That evening she had an accident driving to work.  Her car hit the middle divider on the parkway, bounced off and then spun around in circles across four lanes of traffic!  The car landed in a ditch on the side of the road. Two men driving by saw the accident and stopped to help her. The first thing they asked was “are you ok?” – then they asked “how did you do that?”  There was only a minor crack in the window of the car and, miraculously, she was not injured at all.

– A pastor told of driving on the highway when he felt the Lord impress upon him to slow down, or pull back a little.  He didn’t understand, he wasn’t speeding, but he did it anyway.  A short while later there was an accident on the road up ahead of him.  If he had ignored the prompting to pull back he would have been involved in that accident.

– A Christian woman was at her mother’s wake. Because her mother, a Christian, loved Christian music and hymns, the daughter wanted to have music at the wake but there was none. While the family was talking about this, a Christian man was riding on a bus nearby with his keyboard. He was prompted by the Holy Spirit to get off the bus and go into the funeral home. He was hesitant, and told the Lord he didn’t know anyone in that funeral home. The prompting continued and seems it was strong enough to cause the man to go into the funeral home. When he went in he was made aware of the situation and played his keyboard at this Christian woman’s wake, a woman who was a perfect stranger to him! This testimony was given to us by the dead woman’s son, who was at the funeral home that day.

– At another time this same daughter in the story above was standing by a light pole waiting to cross the street. She was prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to the other side of the street right away. She did, and a few short moments later a car hit the pole right where she had been standing.

– Years ago a pastor in the U.S. gave a testimony in the church I was attending. He told of several pastors in Guatemala who had gathered for a retreat. One evening, after they had all retired to their rooms for the night, one of the pastors awakened all of the other pastors.  It was the middle of the night when he told the other pastors that the Lord told him that there was going to be an earthquake “tonight.” The other pastors were kind, but they didn’t believe him. The pastor who had the “word from God” said “I’m going to the church to pray.” One other pastor said “I won’t let you go alone, I’ll go with you.” That night, as the two prayed in the little church, there was a terrible earthquake.

I’ll backtrack a bit. A short time prior to the earthquake, the pastor who I heard give the testimony said that he had been prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to  Guatemala.  At a church service he told his congregation about the prompting. After the service someone gave him money for the flight, and someone else gave him extra money to have for the trip.  The pastor arrived in Guatemala right after the earthquake. He was at a hospital there when the two pastors, who had gone to the church to pray, came to the hospital. The little church was destroyed but they had been miraculously “sheltered” in the little area where they had been praying. They survived, but had been injured and needed medical attention. In that particular hospital in Guatemala, at that particular time, you had to pay in advance for medical attention. The pastor from the U.S. had the money to pay for the medical care of the two Guatemalan pastors.


About Cathy

My name is Cathy White and I am a born again Christian, saved in 1988 at the age of 38. My mother was born again in her old age, in her 80's. Her name is Giannina which means "God is gracious."
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