Psalm 68:20 He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death.

Yesterday we had yet another visit and another service at the nursing home where my father resides.  My father still is not eating properly (see prayer request) and yesterday he was having a pretty strong episode of dementia.  I say episode because he has had these seasons of dimentia in the past and has always come out of them.  He has Parkinson disease and I believe the dementia is, at least in part anyway, related to that.  I should be discouraged but I am not.  I have hope in the Lord and just maybe the Lord has put that hope in my heart.  I know we can all succumb to wishful thinking but I hope that is not the case. I felt the Lord impress the following scripture verse on my heart this morning.  I think of the man who survived six heart attacks.  We had the privilege of giving him a gospel tract.  What if that man had been under a DNR order?  Against my will my father has DNR (DO NOT RESUSCITATE) written on his chart.  But what does that really mean because “He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death.”  Hallelujah!

On another note I just want to share a little something about one of other residents at my father’s nursing home.  She is a 92 years old woman who comes to our meetings.  She has full mental capacity, praise the Lord, but she is not born again.  She has told us in the past that she likes to come to the meetings because she likes the music and singing.  Another time she said that it takes time for her to understand the new things she is learning at the services.  Yesterday she told my husband she loves to hear him speak.  I say this not to boast but to encourage evangelism.  This woman is a Roman Catholic and at one point stopped coming to the meetings.  She’s back again and I know the Lord is calling her.  Over the years I have observed many souls listen to the gospel message and yet not understand a word of what was spoken.  This woman not only is understanding but is seeing that there is a difference between what she has believed her whole life and what the word of God declares.  Only God can do that!

Psalms 20:7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.


[My father left this earth on Sunday March 21, 2010.  I want to thank all who prayed for him while he was alive.  We as born again believers know that the dead no longer need our prayers.  Again, thank you.]

If you are born again I would ask you to please keep my father and our family in prayer, and if possible add this prayer request to the other prayer requests at your church fellowship.  My father is 93 years old and I do not perceive that he is born again.  He is in a nursing home, and has recently begun to lose weight because he’s not eating as he should. The doctor plans to give him an appetite stimulant to see if that helps.  A family member who does not know the Lord is the primary health care proxy.  The issue of a feeding tube may arise shortly.  As a Christian my conscience will not permit me to agree to the denial of a feeding tube for my father at this time.  I know that the main health care proxy believes otherwise.

Please pray that the Lord will give my husband and I wisdom and grace in this situation and that the Lord’s will be done. Please pray for my father’s salvation. Though I realize that not all of our family members will be saved I also realize that all things are possible with the Lord.  Above all please pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified in all of this.  We have been doing Christian services for the residents  at my father’s nursing home for several years now and have sown much gospel seed among the precious souls in this facility.  Thank you.

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So many in today’s organized church have fallen into the trap of believing that Roman Catholicism is just one of many valid Christian denominations.  All a Roman Catholic has to say is “I love Jesus” and that settles the issue for many born again Christians.  Now I do realize that many believers may not have a clear understanding of Roman Catholic teaching, but that does not absolve them from the responsibility of searching into the matter more deeply.  In my experience, of more than twenty years, I have found that when a believer is confronted with the truth about Roman Catholicism it is most often rejected.  This I do not understand.  Maybe it’s because “the majority rules.”  In other words most go with the flow of what is being taught in the mainstream churches etc.  This certainly is a dangerous place to be for it does not honor the Lord and His truth, nor is it being merciful to the poor lost Roman Catholics who have few who are willing to give them a Gospel witness.  I have heard believers questioning whether all Roman Catholics are lost (with a hint a sarcasm in their question).  The issue is that the Gospel the Roman Catholic is sitting under is not the true Gospel and “Mary” is the main mediator even though many say otherwise.  If we belong to the Lord we will be lovers of souls and lovers and seekers of truth.