Rome.  Ecumenism.  What can I say except that Rome has infiltrated the “Protestant” church and the church is no longer protesting.  Where are the Tyndales and Luthers of our day who will speak truth.  Where are the modern day Reformers who will call Rome what it is … “another gospel” … because they love the Lord and love the souls of men.  Many in the modern day organized church consider Rome’s children their brethren.  Why is there so little discernment within the body on such an incredibly important matter?

After a recent Sunday service at the nursing home, I went about greeting the residents. One of the residents (a 93 year old Roman Catholic who has full mental capacity) told me that she has known Jesus her whole life.  She said she was born again when Jesus died on the cross.  I gently encouraged her to read chapter 3 of the gospel of John with an open heart.  She didn’t know where the gospel of John was in the bible.  After 21 years of ministry I can tell you this is not an isolated incident but rather the norm.  If that doesn’t break the heart of a born again believer I don’t know what to say.

“Tear down the walls” is the modern day mantra of many evangelical leaders.  What walls? The walls that divide the true and the false.  “Tear down the walls” is not the cry of a true shepherd.  It is in reality the cry of the serpent, the false prophet, the wolf, and the charlatan.  As Keith Green once said, the church is “asleep in the slight.”  Wake up church!

5 thoughts on “WAKE UP CHURCH!

  1. Pastor Abel …

    Thank you for taking the time to comment. My husband and I have experienced the same criticism on numerous occasions. You can image our dismay when we learned that other believers and many pastors had little or no discernment regarding Roman Catholicism, nor did it seem that they wanted to learn. None of my Italian family was born again when I was saved over 20 years ago. Nor anyone in my husband’s large Irish family. The first thing we did was buy everyone Bibles!

    My mother was saved in her latter years …


    Our heart breaks because there is no support from the church here in the U.S. when we witness to Catholics. In fact, rather than support evangelism to Catholics, they are a hindrance.

    Be encouraged and continue your good work.


    P.S. The term “born again Catholic” is a self-contradictory phrase. Lord have mercy on us!


  2. Dear Cathy,

    I have been criticized many times from some of the Americam believers because they assumend that there are many “born again” people in the Catholic Church! Now, I am not so naive to believe that only the Evangelicals or just the Baptists among them or just the Pentecostals will go to Heaven, but the truth is what Jesus said when He spoke to the Farisees regarding hiding the door to the Kingdom of God! Jesus said,
    “Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered.” (Luke 11:52). This truly means that if anyone would have entered in, they can’t because they didn’t know! Someone hid the key to the …knowledge, on …how to get saved!!! …We can’t serve two lords! …God bless you.


  3. Isn’t it heartbreaking what goes on? So true what you say and worth quoting …

    I worry more about someone dying unsaved than I do about them being offended. It is as simple as that. Speak the truth! One day soon we will pay a price for doing so.



  4. So very true, Cathy! The church is asleep and people are dying to destruction every minute. Where are the kingdom builders? We need faith-filled Christ loving workers who are not afraid to speak the truth in love. I am not concerned with how close we are in our beliefs of other. Close doesn’t let you into heaven. Only the narrow road will lead you there. It is Jesus alone plus nothing else or it is not the gospel!

    I worry more about someone dying unsaved than I do about them being offended. It is as simple as that. Speak the truth! One day soon we will pay a price for doing so.


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