Rome.  Ecumenism.  What can I say except that Rome has infiltrated the “Protestant” church and the church is no longer protesting.  Where are the Tyndales and Luthers of our day who will speak truth.  Where are the modern day Reformers who will call Rome what it is … “another gospel” … because they love the Lord and love the souls of men.  Many in the modern day organized church consider Rome’s children their brethren.  Why is there so little discernment within the body on such an incredibly important matter?

After a recent Sunday service at the nursing home, I went about greeting the residents. One of the residents (a 93 year old Roman Catholic who has full mental capacity) told me that she has known Jesus her whole life.  She said she was born again when Jesus died on the cross.  I gently encouraged her to read chapter 3 of the gospel of John with an open heart.  She didn’t know where the gospel of John was in the bible.  After 21 years of ministry I can tell you this is not an isolated incident but rather the norm.  If that doesn’t break the heart of a born again believer I don’t know what to say.

“Tear down the walls” is the modern day mantra of many evangelical leaders.  What walls? The walls that divide the true and the false.  “Tear down the walls” is not the cry of a true shepherd.  It is in reality the cry of the serpent, the false prophet, the wolf, and the charlatan.  As Keith Green once said, the church is “asleep in the slight.”  Wake up church!



Son, do you think I love you less,

Because of my new birth?

If truth be known, I love you more,

Knowing, your soul, it’s worth.

* * *

A brand new road I travel on,

Now walk another path,

A different road, than those who will,

One day incur God’s wrath.

* * *

You may not understand, my son,

The many things I say,

Seed planted deep within your heart,

I pray will bloom one day.

* * *

I see so many blind to faith,

When life is almost through,

How can I just ignore the thought,

One day that could be you?

* * *

If you should gain, son, all the world,

What shall it profit you?

The things of earth, a bad exchange,

Your soul at last to lose.

* * *

I love you still, though I’ve withdrawn,

From worldly ways of earth.

If truth be known, I love you more,

Knowing, your soul, it’s worth.

by Cathy White – 2007

Matthew 16:26 For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?


Source … “The effects of the 1904 Welsh Revival”

“Souls were saved, individual lives were changed and Society itself was changed.

Countless numbers of souls were saved. No records were kept of the actual number converted, but 150,000 is a very conservative estimate during the first six months.
Wales again became a God-fearing nation.

People, thousands of them, were saved. There are men and women still in our churches today whose parents or grandparents’ testimonies were that they were converted in the Revival in 1904 or 1905.

Not only were individual lives changed by the power of the Holy Spirit, but whole communities were changed indeed society itself was changed – Wales was again a God-fearing nation.

Public houses became almost empty. Men and women who used to waste their money in getting drunk were now saving it, giving it to help their churches, buying clothes and food for their families. And not only drunkenness, but stealing and other offences grew less and less so that often a magistrate came to court and found there were no cases for him.

Men whose language had been filthy before learnt to talk purely. It is related that not only did the colliers put in a better day’s work, but also that the pit ponies turned disobedient! The ponies were so used to being cursed and sworn at that they just didn’t understand when orders were given in kind, clean words! The dark tunnels underground in the mines echoed with the sounds of prayer and hymns, instead of oaths and nasty jokes and gossip.

People who had been careless about paying their bills, or paying back money they had borrowed, paid up all they owed.

People who had not been friends for a long time because of something that had happened in the past, forgot their quarrels and were happy together again. In fact, Evan Roberts used to say that there could be no blessing on anyone who had unkind thoughts about anyone else.”

(My prayer … “Lord, remember us in this our day.”)