Here’s something else I saved.  It’s from a little book I found a long time ago at a church where I worked.  I remember that I opened to a random page in the book, to a passage entitled “SUPPORT IS GREATER THAN RELIEF.”  I happened to be going through a trial at the time and the words “support is greater than relief” encouraged me.  They still do.  I should have made a note of the title of the book and author also, but I didn’t. Apparently this section is a letter of encouragement written by a believer to two of his brethren who were going through a great trial …

“I cannot tell you how it weighs on me the Mount Moriah the Lord is leading you both to.  I have sought Him for you, and I was assured from the first that He would interfere for you. The faith of yesterday will not do for the trials of today.  I am comforted by hearing that you have been exercised before Him seeking His will.  When I remember that He cares for you infinitely more than I do, though it is He who has taught me to care for you, I am confounded, and it is an immense comfort to me that you both are sensibly and consciously supported by Him.  I believe that His object in this discipline is to lead you more into the knowledge of His support.  I think that to young Christians He vouchsafes relief, the pressure is removed, as the storm was stilled for the disciples in Matthew 8; but when Peter would join Him, as we see in chapter 14, no circumstance is changed;  Peter is made superior to everything;  the Lord’s support could alone enable him to leave the ship (which suited him naturally) and undertake to walk on the water, which humanly speaking would have been instant death to him. There is a depth of love which we cannot easily take in in the Lord’s desire that we should know His support.  Blessed be His name!  He likes to be indispensable to us.  This is the first part of His priestly service;  you cannot understand Christ as Priest until after you have known Him as your Saviour.  It is a marvelous time (though  it is little I know of it) when one has nothing to cling to, no support but His mighty hand reaching down from “higher than the heavens.”  I can compare it to nothing except the support which the martyrs found when they went to the stake.  Who can tell their great gain from the realization of His own support – a sense of His favor and interest in one never to be forgotten.  I feel that it is as I see this that I am consoled about you both – the great, the unspeakable gain which will accrue to you when you reach “Jehovah Jireh.”

There is a great difference between Abraham going up Mount Moriah and Stephen transported in spirit from earth to heaven where Christ is.  We have to learn both.  In the one, it is counting on God who raiseth the dead, no hope but in God.  In the other, it is leaving everything here to join the Lord, as Peter did when he left the ship.  You have seen “the works of the Lord and his wonders in the deep.”  I expect much from you.

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