Here’s something else I came across while going through some of the “stuff” that I saved over the years.  This is from 2006 and was written in memory of Mrs. Brown, a nursing home resident that we came to know and love.  She was a Christian who came to many of our meetings.


Do not cry for me.

I lived my live as I believed,

True, simple and to the point.

I smiled when I was pleased.

I cried when I was sad


stood when they told me to sit down.

Do not cry for me.

I want you to live because I believed in living.

Love unconditionally, rejoice in what is real


always remember to believe in what you live.

(Respectfully submitted by the family)

I remember that at Mrs. Brown’s going home service the preacher told the people that whatever their relationship was with the deceased person, that’s what it would be forever. Whatever was said was said, and whatever was unsaid would forever remain unsaid. He poignantly went on to say “what is written, is written.” Truly memorable words.

Poem I wrote about Mrs. Brown  … GRAVEYARD PASTOR

4 thoughts on “MRS. BROWN

  1. Mrs. Brown died in February 2006. She was one of a kind. There are hidden gems in our nursing homes …

    Thanks for stopping by.


  2. This is a very poignant poem and a wonderful rememberance of someone others should have met…thanks for sharing this.


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