2 thoughts on “PILGRIM’S PROGRESS by John Bunyan

  1. I am just reading the book now for the first time and it’s a timely reading. I think that the book is true to Scripture and accurately portrays what can be expected in our Christian walk. I find the book encouraging. I hope to read it more than once because as you say the language can be cumbersome and it is possible to miss something that would be edifying. It is without doubt good reading for the young [ and old 🙂 ].

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  2. I think Pilgrim’s Progress is one of the best books authored by men. While the language can be cumbersome, it is worth the work to read the original. I still draw upon the lessons learned from the book, years after I read it. My 14 year old enjoys a recorded version of it (somewhat dramatized, but still honoring to the text). I’ve used Pilgrim’s Progress a couple of times in the ladies devotionals I’ve written, because they give such ideal illustrations of the warfare and life challenges a follower of Christ faces. Thanks for the online reference! God bless.


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