This article was posted in 2006 at Apostasy Alert.  The information contained therein is still relevant, I would think more so in our current day.  These people (and others not mentioned) have influenced and convinced multitudes.  Please take a few moments to read this with an open heart.  Souls are at stake.


About Cathy

My name is Cathy White and I am a born again Christian, saved in 1988 at the age of 38. My mother was born again in her old age, in her 80's. Her name is Giannina which means "God is gracious."
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  1. Cathy says:

    Thank you for your comment Tami. Many Catholics will not receive a Gospel witness because of this apostasy. And not only that, if you dare to witness to a Roman Catholic you will raise the ire of many a Christian who belong to a denomination that has accepted Rome. This is been my experience and the experience of others. I received the following comment from a Pastor in Italy …

    I have been criticized many times from some of the Americam believers because they assumend that there are many “born again” people in the Catholic Church! …

    Many years ago when my children belonged to a bowling league one of the other mothers saw that I was religious but very lost. Among other things she saw the “Mary” medal around my neck. Over several months she witnessed to me and she did it clearly. She told me that the Marian apparitions my husband and I were involved with were not of God. She said I shouldn’t be praying to “Mary” at all. I wasn’t upset with her but considered what she said, read the Word and prayed. (I had a Bible because someone at work also observed me and told me to go and buy a Bible, which I did.) Eventually I came to know the Lord and forsook all the Roman Catholic teaching that I had been brought up in. My husband came to the Lord a few months after I did. We were both baptized as a public testimony of our new life in Christ. When we witness to Catholics, and we do because we love them, we have experienced the ire of those who profess to be born again believers. “Believers”, including many pastors, don’t seem to get it and this truly perplexes me because it’s so basic. Graham continues to be honored and idolized even after it is explained that he sent those who responded at his crusades back to the Roman Catholic Church for discipleship.

    Also, separation not only from Rome but from the world seems to be a foreign thought to many. (As I write this it made me smile, although it certainly is not funny at all, but I think because sometimes all of this is so unbelievable.) When I was saved 22 years ago before I/we even entered a “protestant” church I knew that I/we weren’t going to live the way we used to live anymore. No man taught us to throw out the alcohol, ungodly music, videos and books, or to stop going to ungodly movies. We gave our parents and siblings bibles, told them the truth and backed it up by separating from all their worldly and religious activities. Obviously separation does not mean that we do not do friendship evangelism, or that we are “holier than thou” and can’t share a meal with an unsaved person, etc. etc. but there is a biblical separation that should be observed and that is what I do not see.

    And yes, there are small groups of believers as you say. We were just talking about that recently.

    Having said all that we continue to rejoice and trust the Lord in all things …

    Thanks again for your comment,


  2. Tami Lee says:

    Here, in a tidbit, is something my husband and I learned over a few years study…
    It was in the late 19th century higher criticism began to infiltrate Bible colleges and seminaries and so mainstream churches in the US & Canada were deeply affected by it. (Higher criticism is a false religious science which questions the validity of the authorship of the Bible; along with questioning essential doctrines like the virgin birth, miracles, and the like). It had already infected Europe; so many of those churches had apostasized already. Rome, by the way, had embraced higher criticism by the time it was infiltrating the West.
    By the early 1920’s, many mainstream churches had embraced higher criticism and as a result became modernistic…this was the forerunner to all we see happening today. Many desiring to remain faithful to Christ and the Scriptures pulled out of these dying (spiritually) denominations and established new churches. Fundamentalism (in the broad sense of the term–not just Fundamental Baptist churches) was born in this era. Today, many of those churches have fallen into the same apostasy as what they pulled out of.
    Why is that? Because they did not hold to their Head (Christ). They compromised Scriptural stands about the inerrancy of Scripture, divorce, separation from the world–including most technology that is fueled by worldly resources for the influence of the mind of the populace (early conservative preachers preached against movies, radio & television — recognizing that they would pollute Christians’ minds…they have), etc. The more worldward the churches turned, the more open they became to ecumenism.
    When the Pentecostal Movement arose at the beginning of the 20th century, it was not born by intense study of Scripture and humble prayer to better know Jesus Christ. While the movement began with Parham at a Bible School, it came by seeking an experience (to speak in tongues) rather than seeking Christ Himself. Within a very few short years, Pentecostal churches fractured and refractured again over heresies, immorality (Aimee Semple McPherson only one of many examples) because their foundation was never strong Biblically. Some of the preachers preached more Bible and holiness than others, but the focal point was always seeking experiences through the Holy Spirit, not Christ and Him crucified (which is the gospel the apostles preached). Holiness might be preached on Sunday morning, but the television and worldly music soon drowned out whatever the preacher had said by Monday.
    It only makes sense that any person or group not centered on Christ and His Word will quickly apostasize. Dead mainstream churches opened up dialogue and worship services with Rome as early as the 50’s and 60’s with the Billy Graham crusades, Notre Dame Charismatic services, and the like. The Charismatic movement was born in the 1960’s and was in Pentecostal churches by the 1970’s. Soon the values and practices of the charismatics took over Pentecostal churches and the two merged.
    Because of the distaste of so many in Christendom for solid Scriptural preaching, a life of self-denial and a thirst to be entertained continually by “something new” (how many years have we heard about “new waves of the Spirit”?) — eventually the door of apostasy was opened wide enough to embrace the New Age — in Jesus’ name, of course.
    Now the Emergent Movement (Hinduism wearing a cross) fills the majority of churches within Christendom’s sphere.
    All of these things are what drove us out of Christendom, some 10 years ago.
    There are Biblical churches around — much smaller than the “popular” ones. They are generally not wealthy; because people in them do not lay up treasures for themselves, but hold their income as something to help the needy (in their church and outside their church), and something to use to publish the gospel with. These churches are seen as “radical”, because they take the Bible seriously in lifestyle, dress, culture, and the like.
    They are not perfect, and they too must continually be on guard against apostasy. Any leaving of the Head — Jesus Christ and His immutable Word — and the worldward path begins…toward Rome and destruction.


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