Revelation 1:9 … I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Wesley’s  Notes:

I John – … Your brother – In the common faith. And companion in the affliction – For the same persecution which carried him to Patmos drove them into Asia.

This book peculiarly belongs to those who are under the cross. It was given to a banished man; and men in affliction understand and relish it most. Accordingly, it was little esteemed by the Asiatic church, after the time of Constantine; but highly valued by all the African churches, as it has been since by all the persecuted children of God.

In the affliction, and kingdom and patience of Jesus – The kingdom stands in the midst. It is chiefly under various afflictions that faith obtains its part in the kingdom; and whosoever is a partaker of this kingdom is not afraid to suffer for Jesus, 2Tim 2:12.

I was in the island Patmos – …

For preaching the word of God he was banished thither, and for the testimony of Jesus – For testifying that he is the Christ.

Matthew Henry Commentary:

The account given of the person who was favoured with this vision. He describes himself,

1. By his present state and condition.

He was the brother and companion of these churches in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Christ.

He was, at their time, as the rest of true Christians were, a persecuted man, banished, and perhaps imprisoned, for his adherence to Christ.

He was their brother, though an apostle; he seems to value himself upon his relation to the church, rather than his authority in it: Judas Iscariot may be an apostle, but not a brother in the family of God.

He was their companion: the children of God should choose communion and society with each other.

He was their companion in tribulation: the persecuted servants of God did not suffer alone, the same trials are accomplished in others.

He was their companion in patience, not only a sharer with them in suffering circumstances, but in suffering graces: if we have the patience of the saints, we should not grudge to meet with their trials.

He was their brother and companion in the patience of the kingdom of Christ, a sufferer for Christ’s cause, for asserting his kingly power over the church and the world, and for adhering to it against all who would usurp upon it. By this account he gives of his present state, he acknowledges his engagements to sympathize with them, and to endeavour to give them counsel and comfort, and bespeaks their more careful attention to what he had to say to them from Christ their common Lord.

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