I do believe that sometimes things happen that really increase our faith. Last week was one of those times. It was Saturday afternoon and my husband and I were getting ready to go out. He already had his coat on when he asked me if I had seen his wallet. I said no. The wallet wasn’t in it’s usual spot so we both started to look around the house. We looked everywhere. I mean everywhere. No wallet. Then we looked some more. Two hours later … no wallet. We said it’s just not in the house. It’s lost. We thought perhaps he had lost it at the store the day before. We called the store asking if anyone returned a wallet. No wallet. Distress. What was left to do but cancel the credit cards, driver’s license, etc. etc. Distress.

Before he made the call we sat down in our living room and prayed. We remembered a testimony told by a Pastor who lost his keys. He prayed and asked the Lord to show him where his keys were. The Pastor felt prompted to sit in his rocker.  He resisted, thinking why should I sit in the rocker when I need to find my keys. The prompting persisted.  He sat in the rocker and heard a jingle.  Music to his ears I’m sure. The keys must have fallen out of his pocket earlier when he was sitting there and caught on the back rung of the rocker.

Remembering that testimony we prayed … “Lord, please show us where the wallet is, like you showed that Pastor where his keys were. If the wallet is in this house Lord, please, please, show us where it is BEFORE we cancel everything that needs to be cancelled. Thank you Lord.”

We came to the point where we said we can’t wait any longer to make the call. My husband was on the phone with the credit card company. I was folding clothes and even looking through them thinking maybe the wallet ended up in the laundry. No wallet. I hear the recording telling him to wait for the next available representative.  I hear a rep answer and him telling her that he lost his wallet and needs to make some cancellations.

Time is really really short now … yet I sensed somehow that the wallet was still in the house. With only seconds left, I said “Lord, I don’t know where else to look.”

Suddenly the thought came to look in one of my dresser drawers.  I ran there as quickly as I could and opened the drawer … and there staring me in the face was THE WALLET!

I could not believe my eyes!

I hear him tell the rep that he lost his wallet and needs to cancel two credit cards and an ATM card …

I screamed “WAIT!” … and ran into the room where my husband was on the phone.  I yelled “I FOUND IT!” … as I clutched the wallet in my hands. What joy! (You had to be there.) The cancellation process was just about to begin. I screamed so loud the rep heard me I’m sure.  My husband told her never mind, we found the wallet.

Makes me think of a sermon I heard not to long ago.  The preacher said he was very distressed and intensely praying about something.  The Lord spoke to his heart …

I’m still on the throne,

I never make a mistake,

And I’m always on time!

Amen to that!

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