I was recently wondering how we as Christians so often fall prey to false doctrines. One of the false doctrines I was thinking about was dispensationalism. This heresy has permeated the church world. I was reading up on the topic and came across these random comments. They say a lot. As I read the comments, the children’s game “Simon Says” came to mind. If you remember the game you’ll get the picture.

Comments …

“- I was now amazed how dispensationalism and pretrib rapture stories could be accepted as gospel and never questioned. Could it be too much reliance on mere men instead of on the Holy Spirit and His Holy Scriptures?

– Careful examination of the scriptures can put this entire issue to bed. The Bible is complete in and of itself. It needs no writings and thoughts of scholars to be understood by the careful student.

– Let me encourage you to read your Bible and test what I and these other men are telling you.

– If you are to be a faithful Christian, you have a duty to understand God’s word, not a duty to have some other fallible man interpret it for you.

– Are we to be more devoted to a system than we are the plain teachings of the Bible?”

– George Mueller said: ‘My brother I am a constant reader of the Bible, and I soon found out what I was taught to believe (by Darby’s doctrine) did not always agree with what my Bible said. I came to see I must either part company with John Darby, or my precious Bible, and I chose to cling to my Bible and part from Mr. Darby.’ – (George Mueller, a contemporary and one time supporter of John Nelson Darby)”


About Cathy

My name is Cathy White and I am a born again Christian, saved in 1988 at the age of 38. My mother was born again in her old age, in her 80's. Her name is Giannina which means "God is gracious."
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