A Man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. Isaiah 53:3

Spurgeon …

The Savior, from the very dignity of His Nature, must suffer alone. The mountainside with Christ upon it seems to me to be a suggestive symbol of His earthly life.

His great soul lived in vast solitudes, sublime and terrible, and there, amid a midnight of trouble.

His Spirit communed with the Father, no one being able to accompany Him into the dark glens and gloomy ravines of His unique experience.

Of all His life’s warfare He might have said in some senses, “of the people there was none with Me” and at the last it became literally true, …

for they all forsook Him— …

one denied Him …

and another betrayed Him, …

so that He trod the winepress alone.

Write this word, “for the Man of Sorrows,” on your own bodies, wherein you bear the marks of the Lord Jesus!

Brand, if not in your flesh, yet in your souls, for from now on you are servants of the Man of Sorrows!

Write this on your wealth! Bind this inscription on all your possessions

—“This belongs to the Man of Sorrows.”

Give up each hour to the “Man of Sorrows!” Learn, even, to eat and drink and sleep for the “Man of Sorrows,” doing all in His name.

Live for Him and be ready to die for Him and the Lord accept you for the “Man of Sorrows’” sake. Amen.

About Cathy

My name is Cathy White and I am a born again Christian, saved in 1988 at the age of 38. My mother was born again in her old age, in her 80's. Her name is Giannina which means "God is gracious."
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