SIGNS OF THE TIMES – The Forbidden Book

Today’s protestant church is protestant in name only.  They are no longer protesting the anti-christian teachings of Rome.  Things were different in the past.  Very different …

Forbidden Book

We have the Bible in English today because of a man named William Tyndale.  His translation of the Bible into English was greatly resisted by the Roman Catholic Church. They burned some of Tyndale’s Bibles, and in the end they burned William Tyndale.

“… one man who worked alone, exiled from his beloved England, separated from friends and family, enduring bitter cold and discomfort, living in poverty and finally imprisoned and murdered for daring to obey God rather than man.”

“Tyndale’s Bible released these people from serving a system of ignorance.”

The Forbidden Book

That “system of ignorance” was and still is the Roman Catholic Church.

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