SIGNS OF THE TIMES – Grieved … Again

I often think that nothing in the church world would surprise/disturb me anymore.  But alas, to my dismay, it has happened again.

I heard a good sermon online on Sunday.  The Pastor was someone I’ve heard preach in person, and he is associated with names you would probably easily recognize if you are a born again Christian.  Now the problem.  I came across this same Pastor’s postings online, and in several mini posts he quotes nine (9) well known and devout Roman Catholics in a positive way.  I quit counting after 9, there could be more.  So my question is how does this happen?  How can a Pastor, so mainstream and very active in our “born again” churches, quote 9 Roman Catholics in a positive way?  Doing that is harmful for the church and it is harmful for the unsaved.

Alberto Rivera was a former Roman Catholic Jesuit priest who was gloriously born again. He told anyone who would listen that our Protestant churches were being infiltrated by the Jesuits.  Are we seeing this happen before our very eyes?  See the (Signs Of The Times Series.)

One of nine quotes was a quote by Pope John XXIII. I also read that one of this Pastor’s favorite singers is a devout Roman Catholic who sang for Pope Francis.  (I looked up the name.)

Why not quote some of the reformers?  Why not quote from Fox’s Book of Martyrs, or Martyrs Mirror?  

Only the Lord knows what is going on.  

All I know is …

I’m grieved … again.

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