“Unto Myself,” He said.

From Streams In The Desert…


Fearing to launch on “full surrender’s” tide, 

I asked the Lord where would its waters glide 

My little bark, “To troubled seas I dread?”

“Unto Myself,” He said.


Weeping beside an open grave I stood, 

In bitterness of soul I cried to God: 

“Where leads this path of sorrow that I tread?” 

“Unto Myself,” He said.


Striving for souls, I loved the work too well; 

Then disappointments came; I could not tell 

The reason, till He said, “I am thine all; 

Unto Myself I call.”


Watching my heroes—those I loved the best—

I saw them fail; they could not stand the test, 

Even by this the Lord, through tears not few, 

Unto Himself me drew.


Unto Himself! No earthly tongue can tell 

The bliss I find, since in His heart I dwell; 

The things that charmed me once seem all as naught; 

Unto Himself I’m brought.”

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