Where to begin. The false Roman Catholic doctrines associated with Mary are many, and many Roman Catholics have embraced those false doctrines.

I heard a sermon recently by an evangelical pastor. The title of the sermon was “The Blessed Mother”. I did not like the title of the sermon because “Blessed Mother” is a very Roman Catholic term. He did address some false beliefs about Mary, but the preacher never mentioned that the false doctrines about Mary are Roman Catholic doctrines. Nor did he warn of the very real danger of devotion to Mary. He began by saying there was much controversy within Christianity about Mary. True Christianity has no controversy at all about Mary. Roman Catholicism is not true Christianity.

When witnessing in the past to someone strongly devoted to Mary it seemed as if they were agreeing with the Gospel presentation. But though they listened, and seemed to agree, their final words were “through Mary”.  So for them it was yes to Jesus, but “through Mary”. They were not believing the true Gospel. “Through Mary” is “another gospel”.

I overheard someone speaking in church. I don’t remember the exact words but they said something like… “God wouldn’t send my Grandmother to hell because she prays to Mary or prays the rosary”. The biblical fact is that if a person is saved, born again, they will not pray the rosary or pray to Mary.

Alberto Rivera (read his powerful testimony) the former Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, said that he would always hear “through Mary” as he read the Scriptures even though the Scriptures never said that at all. When he was born again he was set free from the demonic deception that one must go “through Mary” to get to Jesus. He left the Roman Catholic Church and became a preacher of the true Gospel.

Mary. The Roman Catholic prays to her. I did. They may talk about Jesus, but ask them…”do you pray to Mary?”

Mary is hidden in the background, but she is there, and she is central. She was central in my life before I was born again.  

Mary. The popes dedicate their lives to her.

Mary. The popes dedicate the world to her.

Mary. The devil is impersonating her around the world, deceiving multitudes with Marian apparitions. 

And the evangelical world is silent.

With all their programs.

With all their activities.

With all their conferences.

Not a word about Mary.

Not a word about the soul damning false gospel of Roman Catholicism.

This is the day that we are living in.

Will you speak up and bear his reproach outside the camp? Will you? Will I?

Hebrews 13:13 Let us go forth therefore unto him without the camp, bearing his reproach.

Roman Catholic teaching perverts the Scriptures by giving Mary divine attributes.

The Council of Trent and Counter Reformation would intensify Marian devotion in the West. (Wikipedia)


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