False prophecy, false teaching.

Have you embraced any of the teachings below (the list is partial)? Then you have embraced some portion of the false teachings of Dispensationalism, and my heart is grieved, for I at one time embraced them also, and I know that the Lord loves you and wants you to know the truth. 

The Secret Rapture

The “Left Behind” books and movies

The building of a third earthly temple in Jerusalem

The millennial one thousand year reign of Christ on earth in Jerusalem

The Jewish people are the apple of God’s eye

God will bless those who bless the Jewish people

Earthly Israel is the holy land

Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel

God has two separate plans, one for the church and one for Israel. 

The promises made to Israel are only for Israel, and are not fulfilled in Christ and the church.

The fable or myth of dispensational teaching was started in the 1800’s by a man named John Nelson Darby.

It was further promoted by another man named Cyrus I. Scofield and his Scofield Study Bible.

Man made.

and the cycle continues

of cleverly devised fables

a web of deception 

2 Timothy 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 


Strongs Concordance

a tale, i.e. fiction (“myth”):–fable.



Merriam Webster

a fictitious narrative



Merriam Webster 

an idea or story that is believed by many people but that is not true


Many of the saints have embraced this man made false teaching named Dispensationalism (without realizing it’s name or source) because that is what most Pastors are teaching in their churches. 

Many of the saints do not realize that the prophecy teachings they are being taught are part of a whole false theology called Dispensationalism.

Dispensational teaching is widespread in today’s church.

It is taught almost everywhere.

False teaching is dangerous.

Will we as Christians send our children to war, or go ourselves, whether it be in the U.S. military or in the Israeli military, and kill people because of false teachings regarding biblical prophecy?

Will we as Christians be complicit in hindering a peace process in the Middle East because of false teachings regarding biblical prophecy?

Will we as Christians have blood on our hands because of false teachings regarding biblical prophecy?

The Lord is not a respecter of persons.  The Lord will open His Word to anyone who desires to know truth.  


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