Shopping at the grocery store this morning I struck up a conversation with a very sweet woman standing at the butcher counter next to me.  The store just opened and certain of the meats were on sale. Italian sausage was one of the sale items and we began to discuss the quality of the sale item and how much we should buy to sample. I told her my Dad used to make homemade sausage with a funnel and she told me her Mom used to make homemade sausage with some kind of machine. Then we learned that we were both Italian and we both were born in Brooklyn. What a great conversation we were having! She told me she was 81 years old!

As we continued our conversation I reached into my purse for one of my little red and white Bibles. (It’s a Bible tract, but because it’s in the form of a little booklet people seem to hold on to these rather than toss them.)

I handed her the little red Bible and then the conversation changed to heavenly things. I told her I was raised a Roman Catholic and so was my husband. She said the Catholic Church never had us read the Bible. She told me that she prayed to God but didn’t get any answers so she prayed to Jesus and started getting some answers to her prayers. But then she said when she started praying to Michael, that’s when her prayers really started getting answered. I gently began witnessing the Gospel to her, and sharing some of my testimony.

When I started talking about the need to be born again her countenance changed. She said her son was born again, but that he returned to the Catholic Church. She seemed pleased with that. Not a good thing. I wish I had asked her what made him return. I didn’t think of that util after I got home. 

I was happy to be witnessing. I love it when the Lord gives me an opportunity to witness. It happens so naturally. No striving at all.

But after I got home I felt really bad for this woman.

I think of the many times that the Lord puts these precious Catholic souls before me.

And I think of the evangelical preachers of our day who join with Rome and send people back to the Catholic Church for discipleship. 

I want to cry.

Jeremiah 5:31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?

Here’s a photo of the little red and white Bible (tract). 




11 thoughts on “I WANT TO CRY…

  1. Elizabeth… The little red and white Bibles (tracts) that I have are no longer available from where I purchased them… “Sowers of the Seed” based in Texas, a ministry that has sadly fallen into disrepute. They are not sending out tracts when ordered and not refunding money when sent.
    BUT… there seems to be another ministry where these tiny booklets may be purchased. They are… https://www.littlebibleministry.com/ I have not ordered from them but I will inquire when I run out because I loves these tracts.
    These booklets are tiny (size is 3 inches by 2 1/2 inches). They fit easily in your purse or pocket, and people keep them. One woman showed me one she had in her wallet for 20 year or so!.

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  2. (((( hugs ))) I understand what you are talking about. When the Good Lord brought me out of the practice of catholicism I was stunned at how many were embracing the practice that were suppose to be Protestants (thus the word PROTEST). I started wondering why did the Lord bring me out when others were going back “in”? I wondered if “I” had made a mistake…I told a preacher friend that maybe I should just go back…it would make it easy on my whole family… He told me “NO! That is the devil speaking to you! God DID bring you out-stay out!”
    SO WE PRESS ON!! TRUSTING GOD KNOWS BEST ❤ ❤ ❤ It will get harder as the days go by with everyone embracing every kind of doctrine blowing in the wind but that of ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Our God is a GOOD and MIGHTY God and HE wants the best for EVERYONE after all HE HE did give HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, JESUS, FOR THAT REASON! What more does HE need to do for us? Nothing! That is enough for me!!!
    Thank you for sharing this, Sweet Cathy! t is ALL for the Glory and Honor of our heavenly Father Whom loves us SOOOOOO MUCH! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Thank the Lord that you had a Godly preacher friend that gave you Godly counsel! I was also “stunned” as you say. Surely going back to family is easier, and that’s what one is apt to think when they hear their protestant pastor validate Rome as a genuine Christianity. The deception and temptation are deadly.

      This unifying with Rome is very widespread and getting worse by the day. Yes, it will get harder. The sad thing is that believers sitting in the pew are many times under ecumenical pastors, so they are not being prepared for what is coming. Even so, the Lord is able to bring discernment to those with ears to hear. Thank you for your sweet comment Elizabeth. It is good when believers can encourage one another.

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