Many years ago I heard a sermon on the Bible verse below. The Pastor emphasized the words “and Peter”. The meaning of those words so touched my heart back then and still do today. “And Peter” … words filled with love and mercy.

Mark 16:7 But go your way, tell his disciples and Peter that he goeth before you into Galilee: there shall ye see him, as he said unto you.


Tell his disciples and Peter –

It is remarkable that Peter is singled out for special notice. It was proof of the kindness and mercy of the Lord Jesus.

Peter, just before the death of Jesus, had denied him. He had brought dishonor on his profession of attachment to him. It would have been right if the Lord Jesus had from that moment cast him off and noticed him no more.

But he loved him still. Having loved him once, he loved unto the end.

As a proof that he forgave him and still loved him, he sent him this “special” message – the assurance that though he had denied him, and had done much to aggravate his sufferings, yet he had risen, and was still his Lord and Redeemer.

We are not to infer, because the angel said, “Tell his disciples and Peter,” that Peter was not still a disciple. The meaning is, “Tell his disciples, and especially Peter,” sending to him a particular message. Peter was still a disciple.

Before his fall, Jesus had prayed for him that his faith should not fail; and as the prayer of Jesus was “always” heard, so it follows that Peter still retained faith sufficient to be a disciple, though he was suffered to fall into sin.

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