I was picking out new eyeglass frames recently when one of the workers noticed my Jesus hat and said she liked it. When I went back to pick up my glasses a few days later she was the one who took care of me. Remembering this woman’s positive comment about my hat I handed her a Bible tract. I usually give the little Bible tract to everyone. If they already know the Lord they can pass it on.

When these situations happen, if possible, I like to give a mini testimony of my coming out of the Roman Catholic Church. If it appears that the person is a born again Christian I will say that many/most Protestant churches accept the Roman Catholic Church as a valid Christian denomination. Not true I say. I tell them I was a Roman Catholic and an idolator who prayed to Mary etc.

I like to tell other Christians the truth about Rome, truth they may not know, so that they would be encouraged to evangelize the lost Roman Catholic people. As I spoke to this woman, who gladly listened, I said Rome preaches “another Jesus” and “another gospel”. I don’t think she understood. She did not seem to be familiar with those words. Then I finally said Roman Catholicism is a counterfeit gospel that will not save anyone, Roman Catholics need to be evangelized. She got it!

We need to be so very very clear about what Roman Catholicism really is.

Roman Catholicism preaches a counterfeit soul damning gospel.

How many have tried to pass off counterfeit money as the real thing?

How about a counterfeit diamond or other gem someone may have bought thinking it was genuine.

How many counterfeit products are there on the market deceiving people and robbing them of their hard earned money?

BUT we are not speaking of temporal evils such as counterfeit money or counterfeit gems.

We are speaking about eternal souls being robbed of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are speaking about a counterfeit Christianity and a counterfeit Jesus impersonating the real Jesus.

The consequences are eternal for those who have been deceived by Rome.

Let us pray for grace to clearly and boldly speak the truth in love, whenever and wherever the Lord gives the opportunity.

1 Corinthians 14:8 For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?

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