IS DISPENSATIONALISM INDISPENSABLE? – A “Must Read” Article For The Born Again Christian

Is Dispensationalism Indispensable?


“IT COMES DOWN TO THIS… Either all the Christian scholars prior to 1830 have been wrong about the central teachings of the New Testament or else the dispensationalists are wrong.

“Like many American evangelicals, I was once a dispensationalist without knowing it. I was unacquainted with the label. My teachers did not inform me that they were teaching me to interpret the Bible through a mental grid that had been constructed less than 150 years earlier. I had no inclination to investigate the relative merits of my system against those of any other— simply because I didn’t know there was anything to investigate. I had the impression that ours was the only way sensible people had ever viewed Scripture. In other words, I was not educated, but indoctrinated.”

(Found article at Apostasy Watch.)

Is Dispensationalism Indispensable?

About Cathy

My name is Cathy White and I am a born again Christian, saved in 1988 at the age of 38. My mother was born again in her old age, in her 80's. Her name is Giannina which means "God is gracious."
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11 Responses to IS DISPENSATIONALISM INDISPENSABLE? – A “Must Read” Article For The Born Again Christian

  1. Jackie2015 says:

    Nor do I believe that the present Israel is Biblical. Indeed God’s Kingdom is not of this earth and we are looking up to the New Jerusalem. And what we know as the rapture I like to call this a caught up together just as the Bible says is a transformation of our bodies that will take place. This Event will happen at the last trump.

    And as you know 1Thessalonians 4:17 and 1Corinthians 15:52-54 are corresponding with each other.

    So many other false doctrine we can mention that sneaked into the churches worldwide.
    It sure is worth the time to search and study the Bible.

    Thank you Cathy for sharing your links. I do appreciate this.

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  2. Jackie2015 says:

    Dispensationlism indispenable? Not according to 1Timothy 3:16
    That’s why dispensationlists believe there will be a secret rapture.
    Lord Jesus Christ will come back with power and great Glory
    for all the world to see. They also claim that there are two Gospels.
    Dispensationlists make everything so needless complicated an untrue.


    • Cathy says:

      Yes Jackie, Dispensationalism does teach things in twos. Two Gospels , two peoples of God, two second comings (secret rapture and second coming as two distinct events). There’s much more to Dispensationalism, and not all Dispensationalists teach and believe the same thing.

      Some even teach that the the Lord’s supper, baptism, the four Gospels and the words of Jesus are not for the church. When I first heard these
      particular teachings I was shocked. (That was almost 20 years ago.) I wondered where they were coming from. That led me to search for truth, and in doing so I learned that these teachings were from an unbiblical theology called Dispensationalism. I was amazed to see how widespread this error has infiltrated the church.

      Dispensationalism is not found in Scripture. It is a teaching superimposed upon Scripture, similar to the way that Rome superimposed Scripture with their aberrant teachings. For the love of Jesus and for the love of all His children I pray the Lord call His people out of this false doctrine.

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      • Jackie2015 says:

        Where dispensationlism comes from. I believe this is also a counter reformation of the jesuits, just as the myth of the Seventieth Week of Daniel not being fulfilled. Darby and Scofield ran away with it. Reformers as John Calvin (France) and Ulrich Zwingli (Switzerland) never mentioned this false teaching. The jesuit society is the CIA of the catholic church. And did they ever mess things up.
        to make a long story short
        My Homepage

        Third temple also not Biblical

        Those who really are IN Christ Cathy will not be fooled. Nonetheless we must pray to the LORD. Prayers in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ are so powerful. Pray that the LORD will show through His Word the Truth and grant us a stedfast faith. All in honor of His holy and great Name. To be able to share the Truth.


        • Cathy says:

          I have to read up on the Jesuits and Futurism. I know they work by infiltration and they’re good at it. I also believe Scripture teaches that that the seventieth week of Daniel has been fulfilled.

          I believe Scripture does not teach about a rebuilt temple, nor the reinstitution of animal sacrifices, nor a future Millennium reign of Christ on earth. Nor do I believe that earthly Jerusalem is “the Holy Land”.

          Dispensationalism error has truly infiltrated the modern day church.

          Here’s what I believe about the Rapture…

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  3. Lee Poskey says:

    Hey miss Kathy, this is a very good article, so I reposted it.

    I believe your husband wrote the best article I’ve seen on this subject.

    Hey, his article is listed on my page of “notable posts” (which are my favorite posts).

    All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ! 🙏🙂

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  4. hawk2017 says:

    Sweetie, we must judge it by Sola Scripura, not because it is ‘new’ or ‘old.’ :))

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