An elderly man needs prayer…

I was out having lunch today when an elderly man, with his arm in a sling, walked by to sit down at a nearby table. A girl who worked there was carrying his tray and asked him if he needed anything. He said no, and she left. When he went to sit down he lost his balance and did a pretty scary wobble before he caught himself from falling. It was pretty close.

I wanted to go over and ask again if I could get anything for him, and as I procrastinated someone else approached his table and asked if he could be of help. Again he kindly replied he didn’t need any help. The man offering to help looked down at the elderly man’s hand and asked what happened. It was then that I noticed that his hand was very swollen and discolored. The elderly man replied that he had gotten his hand caught in a chair!

The man who offered help returned to his own table and said to his companions “we can pray for him”.

The elderly man finished his sandwich and left.

I wish I could have asked him if he had seen a doctor about his hand. I got the feeling that he hadn’t. I hope I’m wrong.

Please pray for him.

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