Good Things From Closed Churches

The ongoing hoopla about closed churches during a national pandemic is, ironically, nearly ungodly.  Protesting government officials, threatening …

Good Things From Closed Churches

10 thoughts on “Good Things From Closed Churches

  1. I agree that all that non-proscribed extraneous stuff should be easily cast off. However, Christ’s church is commanded to assemble and worship Him. No lawsuits are necessary. We do not need the permission from the government to assemble for worship. Just continue to be physically present together to worship our King in Spirit and Truth. If that prompts a reaction from the “authorities,” we tell them we serve a greater Authority and we’re not going to stop. If that results in arrests, we continue to be faithful and meet for worship. It is better to obey God, than man. We must always be prepared to take up other crosses daily and follow Him. Others, before us, endured much greater pain and sorrow for Christ.


    • I admire your zeal for the Lord and willingness to suffer for him. I too would take a stand, by His grace, if that became necessary. But at this moment in time my sentiments differ from yours regarding this situation. As one pastor said, this is not a matter of the church being persecuted but rather a health issue and I would agree with him on that.

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      • That pastor has no right to make excuses for not conducting worship. The command to worship stands no matter what. Those vulnerable should be excused, but the church is in blatant disobedience for not holding worship on the Lord’s Day.

        I believe there’s more fear of the government and consequences for not following their orders than for any virus. By now, it’s readily evident that this disease threat was extremely overblown by government and media. We’ve been lied to and churches need to repent for withholding worship and being afraid rather than courageous, devoted and obedient. Such a poor witness.


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