God’s Call Within the Chaos

The current plight of NYC is no secret.  Living here for 40 years, as a student, social worker, and State Parole Officer, ‘chaos’ has fueled my …

God’s Call Within the Chaos

16 thoughts on “God’s Call Within the Chaos

  1. Reblogged this on Born Again and commented:
    “ There are, of course, too many events and developments to numerate. But defining truths became evident – repenting of sin shifted into celebration of sin with a zeal to proliferate into school classrooms.”

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  2. This will be infiltrating our small town schools as Illinois just passed a law saying it will be mandatory to teach 😭
    I have warned my children about this as my grandkids are in school now-2 of my daughter in laws are teachers and I would like to see what they have to say about this! One is a special needs teacher so she may be able to by pass this! 🙏🏻Our poor grandkids 😭😭😭

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