1. Cathy, thanks for posting this excellent message from Billy! Few evangelical Christians realize (or care) how the Vatican actively worked to restrain the Gospel via concordats with countries in Europe and Latin America well into the 20th century. A version of the 1929 Lateran Treaty signed by Italy and the Vatican that recognized Roman Catholicism as the state religion and sanctioned oppression of Protestants was in place in every predominantly Catholic nation. It occurred to the RCC hierarchy at the Second Vatican Council that they could catch more bees with honey than vinegar when they began pushing ecumenism.

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    • It’s true Tom, few evangelicals realize or care about these things, though of great importance. Seems many of them have their head in the sand. Surely not a good thing. My parents grew up in Italy and never heard the genuine Gospel until we here presented it to them. After we were saved and became aware of the rampant ecumenism in the “church” it grieved us so to realize that the “church” was working against us in evangelizing people like my parents. Amazing times we’re living in.

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