• Thank you Elizabeth for watching the video and for your continued encouragement. We will pray also for the Lord’s help. Sad but true that so many reject the truth of God’s Word. Even so we press on. Blessings.

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  1. I believe that there is a false one world religion coming, whose head will be what the Bible calls the “false prophet.” I think that the Catholic Church is gonna be involved in that. And call me crazy, but the current Pope would be a prime candidate for that role! I also think that the Catholic Church in general is a good candidate for the “whore” of Babylon.
    There’s a GREAT book called “The Woman Rides the Beast” by the late Dave Hunt. It is an exposé of the RCC throughout history. Long, but good read.

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    • The Pope will surely be involved in whatever wickedness the future holds! So many evangelicals, what we would consider mainstream, have yoked with Rome in some way. The scary thing is when these ecumenical pastors are approached (ever so gently) regarding their yoking with and promotion of Rome they turn a deaf ear to anything we have to say. That has been our experience. We are familiar with Dave Hunt and had the book you mention. He’s was one of the few who spoke out against Roman Catholicism. Perilous days ahead of us Paul.

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      • RE: a large number of evangelicals are leading so many astray by their ecumenism.

        Very true. I’m currently reading an excellent book about the history of the ecumenical movement and how evangelicals shifted their focus from the Gospel and doctrine to right-wing politics and allied with like-minded political conservatives in the RCC and LDS. Temporal social “morality” trumped salvation in Christ.

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