1. Many thanks for this Cathy. Some good references there for use when the Jehovah’s Witnesses call to the door – which won’t be for a while, given the circumstances… I’ve just finished the Old Testament again this week and keep a notebook full of all the references which point to the Lord Jesus Christ as coming Messiah. I’ll pray that this video will speak to many people.

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  2. Thanks for this good video, Cathy! Those who deny Jesus’s divinity are spiritually blind. And then there are those (e.g., Roman Catholics) who “accept” Jesus’s divinity, but essentially deny His role as Savior by believing they must merit their salvation.

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    • Thank you again Tom for watching the video.

      It’s true what you say about Roman Catholicism. Also, as a Roman Catholic, Mary was the one I sought in prayer. Why would I be praying to a dead person who needed a Savior rather than to the Lord. I was so blind. Truly the Lord is merciful in saving a wretch like me!

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