1. Cathy, thank you for posting this, yet another uncompromising video full of God’s truth. The 20-year-old (and continuing) scandal of abusive Catholic priests and hierarchical cover-up shows how the RCC is a cursed institution. I pray the Lord will lead Roman Catholics to these videos.

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    • Thank you Tom. The corruption in Rome is multifaceted and unending. We appreciate your prayers. We also pray the Lord would use these videos to reach Roman Catholics. It’s hard to believe we once identified as Roman Catholics. The truth and mercy of God set us free from the bondage of Rome! 🙌

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  2. Cathy, Evan moved back home! I believe with all my heart God’s Holy Spirit is working on him!!! His demeanor is different! Thank you for your prayers!!! “One day at a time, Sweet Jesus!”
    Praying for your Chris ❤️
    I’m not going to stop believing that our God can change their hearts!

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