• Maria, I was a Roman Catholic for almost 40 years. I know the Roman Catholic teachings well. I prayed to “Mary” with my rosary. The following verse set me free from that…

      1 Timothy 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

      The teachings of the Roman Catholic Church differ from the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. Rome preaches a false gospel that cannot and will not save your soul. Please take the time to listen to the information found at the link below with an open heart. Time is short. The Lord loves you and wants to save you. ❤️


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  1. RE: Every time a pastor quotes Roman Catholicism in a positive way believers should react in the same way as if he had quoted the Jehovah Witness Watchtower Society in a positive way.

    Exactly, Cathy. The Watchtower or the LDS. I have made the same point many times. People would be totally outraged if the pastor approvingly referenced Charles Taze Russell or Joseph Smith Jr. or Mary Baker Eddy, but somehow it’s okay to favorably reference Mother Teresa or Thomas Aquinas or G.K. Chesterton, even though their false gospel was just as deadly. Little discernment these days. Evangelicals enthusiastically embraced “The Shack” even though it unabashedly propagated Universalism.

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