UPDATE from Elizabeth…

“Thank you for praying… this person passed away yesterday (Friday) morning. I now leave it with the Lord but I have a peace about it as I know that it was of Him that we were contacted the night before and I felt an urgency about it. My husband got an opportunity to read and pray with him. I also take from “Little Things” that they are often really “Big” things, where witnessing is concerned. We should never miss opportunities to reach people for Him while they are this side of eternity. Life passes so swiftly…”

* * *

Prayer request from Elizabeth in Ireland…

“PLEASE PRAY… My husband at this very moment has been called by a family member to the bedside of someone who is terminally ill. (It is night here.) This person would have been a devout R.C. throughout life. If anyone is reading this… please pray that this person will only see Jesus – He who has paid it all.”

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