1. “We have an enemy…” True. This is a timely message in dreary days. Just wonderful to hear about your Mum Cathy. I had a shock diagnosis of something 11 years ago. I say “shock” because it was supposed to be caused by smoking and I never smoked one cigarette in my life! Sometimes I think that the Lord lands Christians into hospitals to be a witness there. I certainly got plenty of opportunities for that and just this year (before Covid started here) I was discharged from further appointments and all looks good. I continue to pray for my daughter… Praise God He knows our every care in these dark days. I would not be able to face this life without Him…

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    • We witnessed to and prayed for my mother for many years. After she was saved she witnessed to my father. It was a sight to behold. Amazing grace! That’s interesting about your illness. I’m glad you’re well now. Hospitals surely are a mission field as are nursing homes. We had many opportunities to share the Gospel at several different nursing homes. I really miss those days. We continue to pray daily for your daughter. May the Lord be glorified in her healing.

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