Politics Have No Place in the Pulpit

If there is one thing that has struck me as we came to the conclusion of 2020, it is that politics have somehow been introduced into many pulpits. I …

Politics Have No Place in the Pulpit

13 thoughts on “Politics Have No Place in the Pulpit

  1. Good message! Does anyone remember when politics was not permitted in the pulpit? To promote one candidate over anther would cause that church to lose their special tax exempt status. Now its common to have the ‘favored’ candidate speak from the pulpit! What happened? The only churches I’m aware of who are not politically involved (hook line and sinker) are the tiny store front churches or corner small congregations.

    Today its Nationalism. This abomination has replaced Jesus, the Gospel message, and being a light to the lost. Frankly I don’t refer to these places as Churches. How can we? I no longer attend these buildings, run by apostates made up of dead men’s bones, speaking from whitened sepulchres.

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    • Well said Juanita!

      I remember that. Yes, what happened? Has anything changed legally with the 501(c)3 non-profits? If it has I’m not aware of it. Jesus has been replaced (so to speak) by Nationalism (and Zionism/Dispensationonalism too, as you know.)

      We no longer attend either. It was the rampant ecumenism with Rome and the rejection of our testimony of deliverance out of that system that initially brought us out of “these buildings”. The pastors in these evangelical churches are seriously compromised to say the least.

      I can remember visiting a church on July 4th, thinking nothing of the date. We were going to church and expecting to be in a worship service. We walked into the lobby of the church and were handed a program listing military songs. We never went inside. Another time, in a different state, while visiting another church on July 4th (same mindset as before) they had a children’s program. “Uncle Sam” came out on stilts and the children sang “You’re A Grand Old Flag”. I could go on. (I had to edit this. Billy’s memory is better than mine. 🙂)

      Always happy to hear from you Juanita. You are in our prayers. ❤️

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      • Thank you Cathy, you and Bill both.In a world which is drastically changing it Is a true blessing to know you and Bill are holding on faithfully to the truth.God bless you both ❤

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