What we really need are more of those good old fashioned all night prayer meetings.

* * *


Excerpt: “You have to wonder why a Christian would turn to any of these wisdom-of-men approaches that were conceived by people who were so obviously anti-Christian. Freud considered religion an illusion and was known to have a hatred for Christianity because of what he believed to be its anti-Semitic teachings. Others, such as Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, were blatant New Agers and occultists. Yet, consider this quote from a leading Christian psychologist: “Under the influence of humanistic psychologists like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow, many of us Christians have begun to see our need for self-love and self-esteem. This is a good and necessary focus.” Not according to the Scriptures!”


  1. Why turn to unbelievers when the one who has all the answers is available? As a sufferer of depression for the first forty years of my life: debilitating depression. It never occurred to me to seek help from doctors, but always had faith that one day God would heal/deliver me. One Sunday morning it happened. My old pastor announced if anyone needed prayer to come forward. As he reached me, he leaned down, and quietly told me God was going to remove a “hook” from my mind. Then he softly prayed. No outward signs, no outward sign at all! Just a feeling of peace. I do recall smiling as I walked home that morning. That was thirty years ago my friends, and I have never suffered from debilitating depression again! Faith and patience is what I needed, God did the rest!

    Praise God for healing this old sinner! 🙏

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful testimony Juanita. I too suffered from depression in the past. I can remember feeling it as a little child. The Lord is all sufficient. He is able and willing to deliver. How many really believe that. Psychology is entrenched in this fallen world and sadly also entrenched in the church.

      Praise Him for healing this old sinner as well! 🙌


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