Excerpts from the book… MARTYRS MIRROR




“The times in this century are distressing. The places of the world, though very large, are nevertheless very small and narrow for the pious. The holy confessors of Jesus, who seek to live according to the Gospel, find no rest anywhere. It seems that the earth, which ought properly to be a dwelling place for the good, is possessed only by the wicked.”


It is time that we begin to give some account of this matter, lest some should doubt what we have said.






“Now, when the children of light, who confessed the doctrine of the Waldenses, in the midst of the darkness of popery, began to lift up their hands more and more, in the Flemish countries, and to combat with the power of the Word of God the errors of the Roman church, and to reject principally papal authority, the mass, transubstantiation, pilgrimages, the invocation of saints, purgatory, infant baptism, the swearing of oaths, revenge towards enemies, etc., as we stated concerning the belief of the Waldenses, in the account for the eleventh century; the prince and king of darkness, through the instrumentality of his satellites, laid his hands on them, and ultimately brought the matter so far that very many who would in no wise, neither for life nor for death, apostatize, were condemned to be burnt alive, which was also done with them; and thus they endured the trial of their faith with great steadfastness, in the fire, at Donau, in Flanders, in the year 1421. Wherefore the captain of the faith, Jesus Christ, shall hereafter eternally crown them, as pious champions, with the unfading crown of honor, according to His promise, “Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life” (Revelation 2:10).”

* * *

The information found at the link below was brought to my attention by Tom at Pope Francis speaks of “ecumenical advancements” between Rome and the current Waldensian community. How things have changed and surely not for the better. 😢


  1. Cathy, thanks for this. A very old Christian gentleman, years ago gave me a copy of the original “Foxes Book of Martyrs” which is full of stories of just how horrific Roman Catholicism is in its torturing of Bible believing Christians over the centuries in so many countries and in so many ways. These days their “work is cut out for them” by ecumenists – but Rome hasn’t changed. Let us never forget (and always appreciate) the men and women who were tortured and died for our freedom of conscience and worship, although I fear that such awful things could descend upon this world again… we can only be strong in the Lord.

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    • Hi Elizabeth… A copy of the original may not easily be found these days. I know there’s been some editing, I wonder how much. I’ve felt impressed to do some posts on this topic. We seldom hear it mentioned much which is pretty sad considering what the martyrs suffered. But that is the state of the organizational church these days. We hear much about unity with Rome and no mention that their gospel is false. Amazing. No, Rome certainly hasn’t changed and who knows what the future holds for us. I pray the Lord strengthen His people.

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      • The Spanish Inquisition, the martyrdom of Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer and many many others who are hardly known like the young boy William Hunter who it is said “lifted up his hands to heaven and said: Lord, Lord, Lord, receive my spirit; and casting down his head again into the smothering smoke, he yielded up his life for the truth.” Praise God for his and other souls’ stand for truth.

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