“Who did Sin… this Man or his Parents…?”

I have noticed many strange reactions with regard to individuals who have succumbed to this present virus in all its forms. There are still people …

“Who did Sin… this Man or his Parents…?”

7 thoughts on ““Who did Sin… this Man or his Parents…?”

  1. Cathy, thanks for forwarding this. I have a post that’s been brewing in my head for months about Christians’ very strange reaction to this virus that’s written and scheduled for Monday. I’m VERY disappointed in my brothers and sisters for fueling the virus-denial and conspiracy quackery.

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    • It’s important to talk about these things. Elizabeth has written some good posts on this topic. I look forward to reading your post too. Some believers won’t wear masks or social distance. And some criticize those of us who do. It’s doesn’t make Christians look good in the eyes of the world for sure.

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  2. When I found out our William and Landon were Down syndrome-I am ashamed to say that was my first question-what did “I” do? The Holy Spirit, I KNOW, led me to start finding that answer in the Bible(I was still practicing Roman Catholicism at the time). I picked it up and started reading it and lo and behold I was led to those verses of Scripture! Amen!
    And turns out our boys are such a blessing that those verses led me to start reading the Bible with new eyes until I was led out of that practice!!!
    That was why I started questioning the Roman Catholic Mary and again He answered me with scripture! John 14:6!!

    PS Are you getting the vaccine? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to- it’s really none of my business ❤️

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