It was in the 1990’s, I don’t remember exactly what year, that we went to visit my husband’s Uncle Joe in the hospital. He was in a coma, but we knew that sometimes people can hear what’s being said to them even though they’re in a coma. His aunt’s coat was in the room but she was nowhere to be found. We had a good hour alone with him to pray and share the Gospel before his wife came into the room, and we spoke to him as if he were awake. Billy’s aunt Charlotte, who was Jewish, told us that Billy’s uncle liked to listen to Christian radio. We had no idea!

A few days later we learned that his uncle had died, and that there would be a graveyard service on Long Island, with a Roman Catholic priest officiating. My husband prayed, unbeknownst to me… “Lord, I’m not in charge of this service, but if you want me to speak please let the Catholic priest get lost on the way to the cemetery.” I also prayed, unbeknownst to my husband, that if his uncle was saved, that a Catholic priest would not touch him, meaning he would have nothing more to do with anything regarding Uncle Joe.

The day of the service arrived, and everyone was waiting in their cars at the cemetery for the priest to arrive. We waited and waited. After awhile people got out of their cars and started walking towards the gravesite. Chairs were set up and there was a pulpit too. We heard his relatives saying among themselves that somebody should say something. Billy’s aunt asked if anyone wanted to share a few words. Billy remembered his prayer and slowly raised his hand to volunteer. He said “I’ll talk”. He said it felt as if a string was pulling his hand up as his heart began to pound. Him, speak in front of all these mostly Roman Catholic relatives, and his aunt, the Jewish widow! He walked to the pulpit and shared God’s Word with the people. Afterwards we gave out little Bible booklet tracts, all Scripture.

We were at our church later that night and didn’t get home until 11:30 pm. As we opened the front door we heard the phone ringing. It was Billy’s aunt calling, saying she had been trying to get us all afternoon. She wanted to thank him, and tell him that everyone was so happy that he volunteered to speak in the priest’s absence. Are you wondering what happened to the priest, and why he didn’t he show up as planned? She told us that she contacted the priest and asked him what happened. He told her he got lost and went to the wrong cemetery!



  2. Cathy, that is amazing. Very encouraging… thank you. I believe that eternity will reveal many people that we’ve spoken to over the years too and many situations we weren’t aware of but sometimes we need to know of a few in this life too, to help us on our way.

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    • It is amazing isn’t it Elizabeth, what the Lord did on that day. It still encourages us and brings joy to our hearts as we remember. And yes, eternity may have some wonderful surprises for us!

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  3. Now that was the hand of God who saw to it the priest went to the wrong cemetery. He guides and directs all of us every day, and Praise God on that day your uncle was protected even in death from catholic nonsense. To God Be the Glory for His grace and truth daily. Blessings Sister in Christ.

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