1. I’m listening now and I just happened to have John 3:16-18 laying on my heart this a.m. (I actually shared it with the post I felt led to write this morning!!!) It’s amazing how ALIVE God’s Word is now that I’ve been allowed a new life-A NEW HEART ❤️!! 🙌

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  2. Cathy, thanks for posting another good video from Billy! It’s interesting to me that progressive Catholics (led by pope Francis) and conservative/traditionalist Catholics are in a constant tug-of-war for control of the RCC, but that both camps exalt Mary. It’s always a bit surprising to me to hear Francis pushing Mariolatry because one would think progressives would have jettisoned that kind of stuff. I’m not heavy into eschatology, but I’ve thought Marian apparitions could play a role in the endtimes. Muslims also “venerate” Mary and some have reported seeing Marian apparitions.

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    • Thank you again Tom for watching! I wouldn’t be surprised either if the Marian apparitions play a role in the end times. There are many lying signs and wonders associated those apparitions, like the spinning sun, rosary beads turning gold, crying statues, messages from “Mary” etc. We were caught up in that before we came to know the Lord. Unsaved people love that kind of thing and if these apparitions escalate they could grab many a heart and unite the world in a lie. Just speculating but it is possible. When I was a RC Mary was my savior. I hardly thought about Jesus except in that little wafer. Billy was pretty much the same. How sad is that. And to think that multitudes are still in that place!

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    Please! Please! Please! If you are truly God’s people you will “come out of her” If you are a PROTESTANT/EVANGELICAL quit messing around saying the lie of Roman Catholicism’s father -the devil-is ok! You are leading the sheep astray! 💔😭PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not be fooled by this lie!!! 💔😭💔😭💔😭

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  4. I haven’t listened yet but I will! Please pray for my Roman Catholic practicing mother in law 🙏🏻 that she will be saved out of this abomination!!
    She is in AZ right now and not doing well 😭💔
    Thank you, Cathy!!

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