• He’s doing good Beth. This morning, 48 hours after surgery, he took the bandage off and there’s no redness or swelling, and the stitches were so clean looking! Praise God! 🙌

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          • I was wondering myself and I’m glad to hear a good report of your husbands surgical outcome. Praise God! 🙌
            I haven’t seen the video yet. We had alot to do today, so while hubby is feeling up to doing physical labor, I’m right there making sure he doesn’t exacerbate his injury and cause the injections to be of no effect.
            But your message caused me to think about my sister’s first marriage. Her Christianity leaned more toward the Pentecostal, and her husband was Catholic. My sister and her husband went to Church on the Way with Pastor Jack Hayford. Her husband couldn’t take it. Every time they went to church he would break out in a sweat. Eventually he stopped going and that was the beginning of the end for their marriage. He became very abusive toward her. Long story, sorry. The two don’t mix. Even she and I don’t see eye to eye about Christianity. She’s right and I’m wrong in her eyes. I’d rather not argue about it. I’ll just say our family has issues. 😔

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  1. Thanks for the good video, Cathy, and I pray the Holy Spirit uses the message to reach searching souls. Yes, a person is either redeemed by Jesus Christ or they aren’t. This is in stark contrast to the “all good people go the Heaven” paradigm.

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    • Thanks again for watching Tom! I had Catholic neighbors when I lived in PA that we witnessed to often. The wife was your typical Roman Catholics “good girl” and she would often state that. The husband was a teacher and he taught science and religion classes in the local RC school. So called “good” people. Nice people, likable people, but so lost and so resistant to the Gospel and so sad. We still pray for them to this day.

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  2. Thanks so much for this excellent gospel message which is a good one for sharing. Unfortunately there are many people I know who live honest upright lives, to the extent that they think they’re “ok.” as they’re not like some of the people described but they have to see it for themselves that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” I love Acts 20v28 quoted here which declares the deity of Christ and all three Persons of the Trinity and also the mention that we are saved From our sin… not In our sin.

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    • Thank you again Elizabeth for taking the time to watch the video. I’m glad you found it good for sharing and I pray the Lord would give you opportunity to do that. As I mentioned to Tom, I had neighbors who we often witnessed to years ago. They were your typical “good” people. It breaks my heart that they were so resistant to the gospel. But you never know. I heard a testimony of a pastor’s grandmother who was truly born again after many years of resistance. I could say that about my mom too. Genuine fruit producing salvation. So we sow the seed and leave them in God’s hands.

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