1. Thanks again for exposing what many are deceived by. Some years ago I remember hearing a speaker from that area of Mexico talk of the terrible persecution there. When Rome has the vast majority in an area this can start happening. In Ireland people have become so outraged with the R.C. church because of exposed child abuse etc. that many don’t go to mass anymore. One day I was going around the doors with leaflets and a young woman confronted me angrily… “Do you represent the R.C. church!?” I assured her that I certainly didn’t, her face relaxed and she took a leaflet. Good opportunities exist now but JW’s etc are also going around. Ecumenism is a terrible enemy too and it’s disgusting how “evangelics” are cosying up to that old snake Rome. I pray that the Lord will overule and that people will be reached with the truth.

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    • The persecution in certain parts of Mexico is awful. This information never seems to make it to mainstream news. Rome never changes, just lays back until an opportune time and then makes a move. Those here don’t seem to be affected much by the RC scandals, not those that I know. It’s business as usual for them. The JW’s are a problem here too. At times when I’ve been evangelizing and speaking to people I will say that I’m not a JW. So we have many obstacles to overcome but the greatest is the ecumenism we see with the Evangelical/Protestant church. As you say it’s disgusting. They are a major hindrance, but the Lord is greater than all this.

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  2. Cathy, thanks for posting Billy’s excellent video that I listened to while driving into work this morning. Yes, there’s no doubt that pope Francis is the absolute most dangerous man in the world today, leading 1.3 billion souls to hell with his false gospel and also deceiving many undiscerning “evangelicals.”

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    • 1.3 billion souls… Tragic! And even more tragic is the fact that so many “evangelicals” are joining with Rome, and those that know better never utter a word of warning! Thanks Tom, for taking the time to listen!

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