1. I “cut my teeth” as a new Christian under pre-trib, pre-millennial teaching and I can remember poring over Clarence Larkin’s diagrams. I agree dispensationalism goes way too far with these assertions. There was and is only one Gospel.

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    • That’s interesting Tom. We also embraced some dispensational theology as new believers without knowing what it was.

      Years ago a Christian we know told us that the words of Jesus weren’t addressed to the church. We wanted to know the origin of such a bizarre teaching and that’s really around the time our search began in depth. This topic has come to our attention again recently because we were watching YouTube preachers who were on a video chat. A new believer called in saying that the church was now to listen to Paul’s Gospel. He was quickly corrected but it was clear the preachers didn’t know the theology behind his statement so they weren’t able to warn this new believer about the false teachings he had waded into. They just told him to find a church. 🤦‍♀️ I also see this on other YouTube channels where Christians comment and chat. People actually believe and want to teach others that Jesus and Paul preached different Gospels. Hard to believe.

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