1. Thanks for sharing this video, Cathy. Conservative Catholic clerics were initially aghast at the happenings at the Duquesne Weekend in 1967, where the Pentecostal/charismatic gifts of the spirit were first manifested by Roman Catholics. The movement then quickly spread to Catholic students at Notre Dame University and Michigan State. Catholic prelates soon acknowledged the great ecumenical potential of CCR. One would think evangelical apologists would be busy critiquing the incongruity of CCR, the alleged manifestation of the requisite gifts of the spirit by Roman Catholics who still hold to Rome’s false gospel of sacramental grace and merit and are therefore not born-again according to the standard of God’s Word, but the Charisma Magazine crowd won’t touch the dichotomy with a ten-foot pole.

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    • When we were in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal phase we became more Catholic than ever before. We lived by a parkway at the time and Billy wanted to put a big sign on the side of our house that said “PRAY THE ROSARY” and he wanted to buy a big statue of Mary and put it in our home. He never did either, the statue because it was too expensive. We thank the Lord that he kept us from such foolishness. We also became focused on the “Eucharist” and the “blessed sacrament” adoration. I remember hearing that at a CC prayer meeting they were laying hands on people in the name of Mary. Thankfully we weren’t there that day. So how can evangelical pastors ignore such things. It’s truly evil. That was some 33 years ago and I am still amazed and so grateful that the Lord brought us out, especially when I see RC’s digging in their heels when we witness to them. We are a blessed people who have come out of Rome. Thank you Tom for taking the time to watch these videos, and for your encouragement!

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