1. Yes, I agree. I think I have found it really annoying here when so-called missionaries spread their false doctrines and people, having left Roman Catholicism, believe all this from yet another pulpit without reading the Word and studying it for themselves.

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  2. Thanks for this truth. Kingdom of heaven/kingdom of God the same… praise God! Over the years, while trying to find Christian fellowship, we came across various churches (some started by American “missionaries to Ireland”) which held to dispensationalism. Although I didn’t know much about it as a young Christian, it certainly didn’t ring true. As Christians we should have a great love in our hearts for all people and as individuals we will be judged on how faithful we were to others – whether Jew or Gentile, in telling them about the Lord Jesus and what He has done for them and how they can be assured of eternity in heaven. In these days I am aware that there are a growing number of people from a Jewish background who have come to the wonderful realisation that Jesus was indeed their long-awaited Messiah and have accepted Him as Saviour. I pray that many more would see… and believe.

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    • Dispensationalism is widespread here in the American churches. When I first heard about this teaching years ago I had the same reaction as you. It didn’t ring true.

      When we were doing nursing home ministry in New York we had the opportunity to witness to several Jewish people. And then there was the Jewish man that we befriended, who I met in the laundromat of all places. He remained our friend until he died. Sadly I don’t think he ever became a believer. These were all wonderful experiences because for the most part these people remained warm and cordial even after we shared the Gospel with them. It’s not always hard to witness to Jewish people. Dispensationalism twists the Scripture, deceiving the Christians and robbing the Jewish people from a truthful Gospel witness.

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