1. This erroneous teaching was one, of many, teachings which led me to leave dispensational teachings/beliefs. I could find no evidence of an rebuilt temple after 70ad. To me it actually seemed blasphemous to think God’s people would be sacrificing animals in any type of edifice! I recall one famous dispensational teacher even writing, “the rebuilt temple will be to all Christians, like Disney land is to kids”. It would bring tourists from all over the world! (Hal Lindsey)
    God never leads us back to the old Covenant. People that believe He will, like Lindsey, are nuts 😊

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    • Our exit from dispensationalism began when someone told us that the words of Jesus were not for the church. We learned the source was dispensational theology, and that it included many other false doctrines. I agree, it’s almost blasphemous, or should we say it is blasphemous to believe animal sacrifices will resume in a rebuilt temple. I have encountered dispensationalists on chats. When I’ve attempted to witness, some have even told me I’m not saved. As you know, these teachings are deeply embedded in the American church world. We do our best to bring forth the truth. It’s a stronghold that has grabbed the mind of many a believer.

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