I found the following quote in the comment section where dispensational teachings were being discussed. I believe the comment sums it up well.

“Dispensationalism has the wrong center of Scripture. It is not national Israel, it is Christ.”

Read… Jesus The True Israel

Jesus didn’t exalt the Jews, he wept over them, and he foretold the destruction of Jerusalem because the Jews rejected him, their Messiah. When was the last time you heard a sermon about the destruction of Jerusalem? If we really want to bless Israel, let us preach the gospel to them, the same way we would preach it to anyone else. ❤️

Read more about Israel and dispensationalism here.


  1. I can honestly say I have never heard a sermon in Church, on the topic of Jerusalem’s destruction. Not in 43 years. Now, I find it amazing that I didn’t, for its of vital importance. God closed one door, and opened another one, I mean everything changed!! Everything! Since leaving dispensational beliefs I have read and studied about it a lot. Old books, new ones, Josephus’ account (many times). If Christians never hear about it, there is so much in the New Testament they can’t possibly understand. Did they ever talk about it or refer to it in the Catholic church Cathy?

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    • The silence in the pulpits about the destruction of Jerusalem is really something to ponder. Why the silence? As you know we have also studied this topic for many years. It really is a tragedy that the church has veered away from the truth and embraced these false teachings. It’s so important to keep bringing forth the truth.

      I never heard them speak about this from the pulpits of the Catholic church. We didn’t read the Bible when we were Catholic When a Christian at work told me me to get a Bible, I did. and reading the Bible led Bill and I out of Rome.

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