1. I love this story… thank you! Earlier when talking of the “prompting of the Holy Spirit”… it reminded me that I felt this very much a few days ago. The beach was almost deserted (or so I thought) when I heard a shout which frightened me. Turned out it was a lady shouting at her big dogs which were bounding towards me. She was very apologetic and I assured her all was OK. as they were friendly dogs anyway. We talked about the weather and then I got the opportunity to give her a couple of my leaflets. Just a simple incident but I very much felt it was of the Lord.

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    • I love when an opportunity like yours comes along and the Holy Spirit prompts us to minister. It’s happened to us too. We call them Divine appointments. There’s an elderly gentleman who lives in our building, and we’re feeling the Lord wants us to share the Gospel with him. We’ve been praying for an opportunity. Perhaps even give him a Bible. We’ll see. I’m glad you enjoyed the Bible study Elizabeth. Thank you for watching the video!

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  2. I couldn’t reblog so “shared”! And I shared with some outside of WordPress That I love and pray they HEAR God’s Words for them while they listen!! 🙏🏻❤️

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